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Roofing the Way it Should Be

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We are providing Mississippi with the highest quality commercial roofs using the highest rated manufacturers. Come to Dickerson when you want to work with the best.

Roofing the Way it Should Be

Benefits of Flat Roof Coatings

Lighter colored coating

Extremely Durable

Keep Out Water Intrusion

Protect Against The Elements

Improve the building's reputation

Reduce pollutants

Due to the light-colored roof, the amount of heat taken into the house reduces. This allows the AC unit not to work as hard and keep the house cool. The reduction of heat transmission reduces the pollutants into the environment.

Aesthetically pleasing

The roof of your business shapes the first impression customers get. If it's not maintained, they will think poorly about quality service and safety, leading to increased customer bounce rates or even leaving permanently due to how well-maintained you are taking care of and protecting things like shingles when needed.

Roofing the Way it Should Be

Signs You Need a New Roof

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Membrane Damage

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